Professor Fehily believes strongly in following up patients to ensure that they have achieved their full potential. All patients (both hip replacements and hip arthroscopies) fill out functional questionaires before their surgery and these are then repeated six months and annually after surgery. These allow us to follow up patients long-term. These results are presented at both national and international meetings.

In 2013, the Department of Health released patient outcome data on all orthopaedic surgeons in the UK. This was the first time that such (limited) data was released. As can be seen from the first two graphs, Professor Fehily performs almost twice the number of hip replacements and over double the number of revisions annually as the average lower limb surgeon in the UK.

Activity in 2012

Even though he operates on very complex patients, often with multiple medical problems, his mortality rate is well within expectations.

Overall Mortality Rate

The final graph from the National Joint Register, shows the survivorship of Professor Fehilys’ hip replacements. It shows that even though his practice involves complex procedures often in younger patients with very abnormal hips, the overall survival of these replacements is excellent and well within expectations.

This information is not currently available to the public but it is very important as it gives the patient real data as to how successful his surgical procedure will be. This allows patients to make a considered decision as to who to choose for their operation.


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